[VIDEO] is Google plus a scam?

Maybe you’re not sure if you should spend time and energy and resources on Google plus. Let me tell you, you should 100%, no question about it.

Google is giving very heavy advantages to companies that use Google plus. I’ll go into greater depth about this in upcoming videos and e-mails. But let’s just say for now, that your SEO rankings and even your pay per click rankings will get a powerful boost if you take the time to build up your Google plus account.

Here’s a killer new feature from YouTube that allows you to add hundreds of your most important fans to your Google plus account in seconds:


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P.S. For those who are wondering, my cast is coming off on December  31st, so I’ll be ready to bust some moves on the dance floor on New Year’s Eve. The hand and wrist are healing, and I’ll be ready to lift some vicious weights soon too!