I’ve Been Shot! (Alive and Thankful)


I’ve Been Shot! (Alive and Thankful)

A few days ago I got shot (at point blank range) in an armed robbery.

I will tell the story here once so that I don’t have to explain it 1 million times over and over again. Ha ha ha.

Last Tuesday I was going to go pick up some friends and my car battery was dead. So I decided to jump in a taxi to go get them – this was in Paitilla, in Panama.

I finally flagged a taxi, and I saw some guys in the back, and asked where were the guys going. And the driver said:

“Don’t worry. I’ll just drop you off first”.

That was my biggest mistake in this whole situation.

So I sat in the front, and immediately the guy sitting behind me grabbed my shirt and tried to pin me to the seat.

Now, I’ve trained in self-defense and fighting in hand-to-hand combat for many years with Christophe Clugston. So I immediately reacted. I didn’t even have time to think about whether or not I should be reacting — I just reacted.

I probably scared the guy sitting behind the driver seat, so he shot me immediately. Only by the grace of God that I had my hands in the right place – which was on the side of my neck to grab the other assailant’s hands.

The bullet cut my left hand as it grazed the side, and then entered my right-hand and stopped in the wrist. Frankly, I didn’t know I was shot. At that point, I wasn’t feeling any pain. (On a side note, the doctor said that the muscle mass in my hands probably saved my life. God bless weightlifting.)

But I smelled the gunpowder, so I knew a bullet had gone off. So I just calmed down. I gave them my iPhone and my wallet, and asked if I could keep my IDs! Ha ha ha.

He said,

“Give me the wallet or I’ll shoot you again”.

I handed him the wallet, and I asked them to drop me off. (Another miracle is they just let me get out of the car without shooting me again).

At this point I saw I was bleeding from both hands. I wasn’t sure exactly where I was shot, because it was dark. But I was only a block from my penthouse. So I ran home, which was probably mistake because the blood really started pumping.

And when I got home, my wife called the ambulance and I canceled my credit cards, and canceled my date with my friend Glen Ledwell. I called him and said,

“Dude, I can’t see you tonight. Have just been shot. I’ve got to go to the hospital.”

To say he was shocked would be an understatement, ha ha.

Frankly, I am just filled with gratitude that I’m still alive and I can move. I went to the hospital and they took good care of me. I was out three days later.

The biggest price of this whole experience is my right-hand, which will be in a cast for 6 to 8 weeks. It will be hard for me to type, hard for me to train in the gym. But I love a great challenge, and it’ll be a good opportunity to get creative and have fun.

Thanks everyone for all the love, the humor and the support that you’ve given me. I want to thank all those who came and saw me in the hospital. Your love really helped me heal from the inside out. God bless you all. I love you all, and I’m glad to be here on this earth to continue the journey. Be careful, but don’t get jaded.

– Matt

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AbiPosted on7:05 pm - Nov 19, 2013

Really hope you recover! Sad to hear what happened……damnn these idiots!

M JamalPosted on7:11 pm - Nov 19, 2013

Woow dude, glad you made it. Miracles happen, it’s a blessing a new life.
I can’t imagine what I would’ve done in a similar situation – hopes for a
quick healing.

On a side note: I traveled all the way to Thailand to train with the legendary
Christophe Clugston. One amazing coach. I was at the peak of my finess
(that is gym + cardio) but in a few minutes he had my heart racing like it
was 3 days worth of gym workouts combined into 10 minutes.

M. Jamal

Kat KeeslingPosted on7:19 pm - Nov 19, 2013

Wow! I am so happy to hear you made it out of this with your positive spirit intact. Of course, it’s a miracle that only your hands were injured and that were are still here to share the story. Keep the faith. ~Kat

Gina abioPosted on7:27 pm - Nov 19, 2013

Praise the Lord. thank you for saving my friend. bring justice upon those who hurt him. amen

Kathy CarrPosted on7:32 pm - Nov 19, 2013

Thank God it wasn’t any worse. God Bless you for a speedy recovery.

Matthew SheltonPosted on7:49 pm - Nov 19, 2013

Wow, Matt, what a STORY! So glad you will be Ok! You are an inspiration – especially that you can show such a level of gratitude despite such a horrific experience. (Also inspiring me to get back to weightlifting 😉

JBakerPosted on9:45 pm - Nov 19, 2013

Wow Matt, You ACTUALLY caught a speeding bullet with your bare hand!? Not many can claim that…that’s superman stuff!!! Godspeed to you good sir. JB

SebastiãoPosted on10:55 pm - Nov 19, 2013

Get better soon, Mat and be carefull
never react again.
Life is much worth than possessions.
Remember always that you could be dead for nothing.

AndersPosted on12:03 am - Nov 20, 2013

Feel better, bro

Much love and healing energy ! 😀


Reid YamamotoPosted on4:35 am - Nov 20, 2013

I’m glad you survived the brazen robbery. I hope you have a complete and speedy recovery and regain the full use of your hands.

ShawnPosted on6:20 pm - Nov 20, 2013

Damn man, hope you have a speedy recovery!

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