Gold Lantern

We are pleased to announce the release of Gold Lantern

Gold Lantern is a powerful Adwords management platform, that features time-saving power tools, 99% tracking accuracy, cross-domain attribution reporting and profit over time views.

It maximizes your ROI while minimizing the time and hassles that are usually needed to manage Pay-per-click campaigns.

Gold Lantern Key Features:

Ad Management Power Tools

Easily create ads across multiple campaigns and accounts. Create multivariate ad tests, and set up automated optimization queues to supercharge your advertisting efforts.

Smart Sales Attribution and Reporting

Get at-a-glance reporting for any keyword, adgroup, or campaign, for any ROI metric, such as your 30-day visitor value, 60-day visitor value, as well as geo-targetd ROI reports that you can’t get anywhere else.

Streamlined and Synchronized Operations

No more messing with URL tagging. Gold Lantern does it all automatically. It also synchs up with your Adwords accounts, and provides full functionality so you can manage everything from one control panel.

Iron-Grip Visitor Tracking

Track all of your visitors, from multiple Adwords accounts, or any other traffic source (even if they delete cookies), and track your lead-generation and sales activities, even across different domains.

The Extreme Optimizer

Let us show you how powerful, simple and unique this software is.

AB Split Testing

This is the basic type of testing that everyone's used to. It's very simple -- yet effective. Test headlines, prices, or whatever you want. You can do an A/B/C test with 3 variations - in fact you could even do a 12-way test if you wanted to.

Multivariable Split Testing

Some also call this "multivariate". Don’t get scared by the big fancy words.

It just means you can test a bunch of different things at the same time, and let the software intelligently mix and match.

One thing you should know is that the best place to use this kind of test is usually a on lead-generation (opt-in) page because you need a lot of data to make it worthwhile.

That said, there are tons of great multivariable setups that are included, and they will let you test over a dozen factors at the same time. There's also an accelerated matrix that gives you faster test results using just 4 variables.

You’re gonna love it.

Personalized Deadlines

Have you ever seen a page that says, "you’ve got 5 days to buy" and then when you come back 2 days later, it still says the same thing?

Here's the solution: Wtih personalized deadlines, you can show your prospects you've got integrity while giving them real deadlines that they'll believe and respect.

Real Item Countdowns

Again, keep your numbers real - - If you’re only going to sell 200 copies of something, why not use a real countdown so when people come back, they actually see the number go down.

You can dynamically change your ad copy to display different versions of your page when there's only a certain number of copies left. You can also make your deadlines based on a specific date and time and cycle through different displays at different times. Perfect for product launches!

I’m sure you can come up with all kinds of creative ways to use this set of features to boost your bottom line.

Price Path Testing

It's not enough just to have these powerful "deadline" features -- you want to be able to TEST them and measure with scientific accuracy the effect on your bottom line.

Does increasing the price, adding or taking away bonuses work? The only way to find the best sequence is to TEST.

In one of our niches, we found that using a price escalation strategy that was synchronized with our email marketing actually DOUBLED our profits. We were able to execute and test that using the Ultimate Profit Maximizer. Now that's powerful.

Multipage Sequencing

In direct mail, the smart marketers will take a letter that's working, "tweak the headline", resend it again, and the response stays strong.

If they don't change it, readership drops. The logic is obvious: Your marketing becomes more effective when your prospects "see something new", and the same principle works online.

Imagine someone visits your site and reads your sales letter. Then, they come back later and you show them a *video* instead of the letter. Or vice- versa...

The point is, you can optimize their experience every single time they come to your site... And you can actually test this approach against having the same salesletter all the time. Amazing, right?

Test Planning Section

The Extreme Optimizer has an integrated “test planning” module that not only keeps you super-organized (which saves you tons of time and stress), but also gives you iron-grip control of your work flow, creative ideas, and your testing team.

You can even set it up so the software will email you when your webmaster has set up a new test. Then, you can make them “go live” with 1 click, or automatically send them back for changes.

This is an industrial strength system that's really easy to use. You can "drag and drop" your pending tests to prioritize them.

Testing Archives

You need some well-organized archived records of all your tests. Why? Because at some point, you'll want to go back and review what worked and what didn't. In a year from now -- those “keynote archives” will be worth a FORTUNE to your business.

Tracks IPs and Cookies

Why is this important? Because "Cookie Monster" is going crazy on the internet right now.

Most people are using anti-spam, anti-malware, anti-virus technology that’s literally eating and deleting cookies all the time. So, that’s why you should probably avoid something like Google Website Optimizer.

It’s completely unreliable. You could easily lose half your data, and the problem is only getting worse.

It's a deal-breaker because DATA=MONEY.

Track Multiple Actions

So, if you’re testing an opt-in page test, should you track sales as well?

Absolutely. If you’re boosting your opt-in rate but killing your sales, you’ve got to find that out. And you should track all your order page hits as well, that way you can know how many people are making it all the way to the order page. The Ultimate Profit Maximizer makes it easy.

Track Multiple Elements

Want to test an idea or offer on a salesletter and simultaneously have a corresponding piece of copy or price on your orderpage?

Or maybe you need to split up your page into pieces. You need the powerful flexibility of using multiple elements. It’s an advanced feature that will come in very handy, I promise.

The Evolve Feature

Yes, we’ve got a really cool button that says "Evolve". You'll feel awesome when you push it because it saves you precious time. You can take the winning version of a test, and instantly copy it over to create the next test.

That means you don't have to change any pages on your server. You can also set up a completely new and different test, again, without ever having to FTP or change anything on your server.

The Royal Rumble

Just like the famous "last man standing" wrestling competitions, you can test tons of variations and keep tosing the losers out of the ring until you have a proven winner.

The Ultimate Profit Maximizer lets you pause losing versions on both A/B and multivariate tests, which speeds up your results. It's a really nice little feature.

Only 1 Installation

Manage all of your domains with just one installation. There's no set limit on the number of websites that you can optimize with this software.

The Ultimate Business Building Course

Here we give you the components of your Ultimate Business Building Experience...

The Ultimate Business Blueprints

We present to you the most effective business strategies and tactics that you can download anytime - it will be a combination of videos, audio recordings, PDF files, reports, blueprints to profits, and more... All you have to do is follow the crystal-clear instructions. If you get stuck or have any questions, I'll be right here to help you.

The Exclusive Community...

We're building a community of high-level business builders that help and support each other.

If you are having a rough time, you can post about it and we will support you... If you achieve a success, you can share it with us. Other people will share their ideas with you...

Monthly Webinars

Once a month, i'll do a LIVE webinar, where you can join in and ask me questions.

It's a huge part of this powerful experience designed to bring you fast results and keep you on the right track, instead of just buying some course that will sit and collect dust.

Also, my team and I will answer your most burning questions and coach you through your toughest problems.

The "Stick" Bonuses

These bonuses are comprised of: "The Monster Money Making Course", a "Gold Membership" to the Ultimate Profit Maximizer Software, and a compilation of "Underground Swipe File Secrets" that you can modify for your projects.

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