How to hit the marketing bullseye every single time


How to hit the marketing bullseye every single time

Starting a project without doing some deep research
is like parachuting in the middle of the jungle in the
middle of the night without a map or compass after drinking a 40 oz of whiskey.

The odds of “finding your way out” are slim to none.
Yet, people do this in online all the time.

Want To Fight Mike Tyson?

Imagine you’re a boxer, would you want to fight
Mike Tyson in your first fight (Or Anderson Silva if you’re into MMA)?
What kind of odds would you have of winning or even surviving?

Let me tell you, I wouldn’t want to do that…

Entering a hyper-competitive market like
weight loss might be enticing because of the size of it,
but excitement soon leads to depression when you can’t make a penny of profit.

After you read this article, you’ll understand why big markets like
“weight loss” need very special marketing strategies in order to succeed.
So, going in there with a level 2 or level 3 marketing plan isn’t going to work.

Nailing The Marketing Bullseye

You must enter the appropriate “market level”
when you start a business if you want to succeed.

There are 5 levels of maturity that every
market eventually evolves to.

Even most good marketers don’t know this. By understanding
where your market stands and marketing at that level,
you’ll have 10X more chances of hitting a home run.

Here’s a real powerful analogy to imagine the 5
levels of a market. With each new level there’s
a new lock on the door. So, you need to upgrade
your “locksmith tools” to be able to get inside your prospect’s mind.

With each level, your prospect’s wall of
defenses gets higher and what worked before STOPS working.

I’ll quickly explain the first 4 levels and how to win at each stage…

Level 1 Marketing: Make a claim – any claim…

At this point, there’s almost NO ONE providing any
services or selling any information and if they are –
there’s very few making any “claims”. Imagine selling a dog-training
course… And no one has ever seen a powerful direct response ad in that market…

And your ad claims, “Teach your dog to behave perfectly.”
That’s all you would need to say in a “Level 1” market.

Unfortunately, very few of those exist on the internet.

Back in the day when I ran a painting company — it was what
I call a “level 1 service”. I would knock on the doors in
the middle of February (-30 outside) and ask “Would you like a free painting estimate?”

The key to that business was sales skills. My closing ratio my 2nd year was over 50%.

As more and more competition creeps in – the market changes. This leads to…

Level 2 Marketing: Expanding the claim…

At this stage all you need to do is “expand” the claim from level 1 to level 2…

For example, “Teach your dog to behave perfectly overnight.” The word “overnight”
has brought that claim to a new level of power because
you “expanded the claim”. It’s added more power to the claim.

So if I’m a smart marketer and I want to get into that self-defense
market I might come up with “beat bigger, tougher men without years of training”.

So, that’s an expansion of the claim.

The level 1 claim was “win street fights”, but now I’m saying “you can beat
bigger, tougher guys without years of training”.
As Vicent Vega says “That’s a bold statement.”

So, as more competition comes in and your prospects get
bombarded with lots of marketing messages — the claims get less and less believable.

The fact is about 90 percent of Internet marketers market at about Level 2.
They’re just trying to say something that sounds a little more “hypey”
than the next guy. And that’s a death sentence in most markets. They’re D.O.A.

Almost every copywriter in the world will tell you that
“hype isn’t as effective as it used to be”.

Unfortunately, your competition will follow suit and start
copying your new “expanded” promise sooner or later.

This forces the market to “mature” once again, which leads us to…

Level 3 Marketing: Mechanisms

So, let’s move on to Level 3 because really if you
here’s where you’re really going to start separating yourself from the crowd.

Every smart, successful marketer uses this concept in their marketing.

As a market matures, the prospects believe less and less
of what you have to say. So, you need to give them more PROOF.
A mechanism can add a lot of believability and power to your claims.


For example, “Teach your dog to behave perfectly
overnight thanks to the new European clicker method.”

“European clicker method” is the mechanism. It implies
there’s something powerful that’s making your claim possible.

So, let’s continue with the self-defense example.

I could say “New Russian fighting technology gives you the
power to be black belt almost overnight.” By introducing the
mechanism (Russian fighting technology), there’s a new level
of believability – because people think “there’s reason why”.

The mechanisms satisfies the left-brain (the logical part) of the mind.

So Level 3 is introducing the mechanism. Now, at some point
there’s going to be enough people that are smart and
are using mechanisms. So you need to go to the next Level, which is:

Level 4 Marketing: Expansion of the Mechanism

So sticking with the self-defense example we could say
“Radical Russian Nervous System Technology, Downloads
Ten Years Of Black Belt Training Into Your Body Almost Overnight.”

See the expansion here; it went from a new fighting system
technology to a “Radical Russian nervous system technology”.
See, that was an expansion of the mechanism.

So, automatically if somebody has been exposed to Level 3 stuff
or Level 2 and they see 4, they’ll be attracted. So, what happens next?

Everybody starts hyping the mechanisms. People start becoming “immune” to them.
So after that it goes to:

Level 5 Marketing: The 6 Keys To The Kingdom

Very few marketers on the planet know how to
market at this level. At this point there’s
6 locks on the front door and there’s no way you’re getting in that way.

Inside “The Ultimate Business Building Course” —
I reveal 6 different ways to hit the bullseye with “Level 5 Marketing”.

This is content that you CANNOT find anywhere else. Why?
Because I discovered and decoded them. I discovered it
through doing thousands of split tests and finding out
the hard way what works and what doesn’t work.

The ultimate marketing process uses a combination of all six.
It’s GAME OVER for your competition if you do this…

If you want to NAIL THE BUSINESS BULLSEYE every single time
— then I highly suggest that you check out (and purchase)
“The Ultimate Business Building Course”.

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