My Favorite Advertising Source Of The Moment


My Favorite Advertising Source Of The Moment

There’s hundreds of little tactical things you can
do to increase your existing profits.

If you’re NOT already make a profit, then
they’ll help optimize your business 1 step
closer to being in the black.

One of my favorite traffic sources right now is:

We are seeing tremendous return on investment
from these ads.

The key is to create an image that has an incredible
clickthrough rate (CTR).

A good CTR is 5% (for friends of friends).
3% is decent.

Below that you probably missed the mark.

Key note to maximizing profitability:
Don’t expand TOO FAR.

If you have around 10,000 fans – spend around $200.
Then you’ll hit all the friends of your fans and that’s how
you get a really good CTR (and cheap clicks).

If you go too far, you’ll end up with friends of friends of friends.
And your CTR will drop.

Again: remember that the IMAGE is the key.

And the most important thing always is to have a great: sales funnel.

Promoted post aren’t going to magically fix a broken marketing machine.

If you want a proven system that can help you build a profitable internet business
then I strongly suggest you use The Ultimate Business Building System.

Dedicated to helping you make more cake,
Matty G

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StephenPosted on6:59 pm - Sep 10, 2013

Do you have any facebook training on how you do promoted posts in your course Matt?

Matt GallantPosted on8:02 pm - Sep 11, 2013


Mitch MahoneyPosted on10:30 pm - Sep 13, 2013

Thank you Matt!

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