Infinite Profit Solutions is a team of top-level web developers, genius techs, number crunching nerds, and brilliant marketers.

Our mission is to provide the highest level website testing and optimizing software solutions that will boost your conversion rates, increase visitor value, and allow you to deliver the exact experience your clients deserve.

Our Executive Team

Matt Gallant

Matt Gallant – Chief Executive Officer

Matt Gallant made his first sale on the internet in 1996 and since then has built over 39 profitable websites in various sectors and industries, selling 8 figures worth of products and services online. He's been called by his peers “The Mad Marketing Scientist” since he's constantly testing new, radical ideas inside his companies.

Claude Johnson

Claude Johnson – Chief Technical Officer

Claude is a computer science professional with over two decades of experience as a programmer and software development manager. He has written code for some of the world's largest financial institutions and possesses a life-long passion for programming. Claude is also a successful entrepreneur with millions of dollars in online sales.

Sherman Supley

Sherman Supley – Sales Director

Sherman Supley is a veteran sales leader with a rich tapestry of marketing, distribution, sales, and management experience across a wide variety of industries. Sherman's trademarks include his undeniable passion and energy, and above all, his dedication to truly helping people obtain the best results and solutions.

Dan Torries

Dan Torries – Sales Director

Dan is an experienced, multifaceted sales manager. His core strengths include management, reviewing financial and business reports, spreadsheets and statistics, and helping businesses maximize their sales team ROI.

Dino Keco

Dino Keco – Head Architect

Dino is a computer science professional with over 10 years of rich experience as a software engineer. He has worked on multiple international software projects for some of the world's largest companies like NAVTEQ, NOKIA, IMS Health and others. Dino also shows a lot of interest for data science and machine learning research fields where he gained his PhD thesis.

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