The Extreme Optimizer

Let us show you how powerful, simple and unique this software is.

1. Price Path Testing (a.k.a the price escalation)For the 1st time ever — you’re going to be able to increase the price or add bonuses and put some “healthy pressure” on your prospects. Does this boost response?
Give me a: HELL YEAH!

2. Personalized Deadline TestingHave you ever seen a page that says, “you’ve got 5 days to buy” and then when you come back 2 days later, it still says the same thing?If you’re guilty of doing this yourself — Do you know what that makes you? It makes you a liar. You want to have integrity and you DON’T want your prospects to think you’re a liar.So, with our software, you can use deadlines and have integrity.You’re now going to have real freaking deadlines that people respect. PLUS: you’re going to be able to test them with scientific accuracy. This is powerful.

Very, very powerful.

3. Multipage Sequencing. Dan Kennedy’s going to cream his shorts when he learns about this feature. Here’s why…In direct mail — here’s what the smart guys do…If they mail out a sales letter that does well — They simply “tweak the headline”, resend it again and the response “stays strong”.

If they don’t change the sales letter — people won’t read it because they recognize it’s the same old letter.

The logic is obvious: Your marketing becomes more effective when your prospects “see something new”.

So one day I thought “Why not do this on a webpage?”

Imagine someone visits your site and reads your sales letter. Then, they come back later and you show them a *video* instead of the letter. Or vice-versa…

The point is, you can optimize their experience every single time they come to your site… And you can actually test this approach against having the same salesletter all the time. Amazing, right?

4. Test Planning SectionThe Extreme Optimizer has an integrated “test planning” module that not only keeps you super-organized (which saves you tons of time and stress), but also gives you iron-grip control of your work flow, creative ideas, and your testing team.You can even set it up so the software will email you when your webmaster has set up a new test. Then, you can make them “go live” with 1 click, or automatically send them back for changes.This is designed for a real business. This is industrial strength technology. Again, it’s really easy to use, and you can prioritize your ideas with “drag-and-drop” technology… Yup — it’s THAT easy.

5. Test Planning Section

Again, you need some great archives to keep the main points of your testing in an organized place so you can go back and review.In a year from now — those “Keynotes” will be worth a FORTUNE.

6. Multivariable Split Testing MatricesDon’t get scared by the big fancy words. It just means you can test a bunch of different things at the same time.You should know that the best place to use a multivariable split test is on an opt-in page. Beyond that, forget about it. Just stick to simple A/B testing.That being said — there are tons of great multivariable setups that are included, and they will let you test over a dozen factors at the same time. Actually one of my favorites is called the “2222” which gives you super fast test results using just 4 testing variables.

You’re gonna love it.

7. AB Split TestingIt’s the basic type of testing everybody’s used to seeing.A/B testing simply allows you to test different variations of the same thing.For example: Testing different headlines, or price points, or guarantee’s.

It’s very simple — yet effective. In fact: you can do A/B/C for 3 versions…
heck you can test 12 versions if you want. It’s completely up to you!

8. Tracks IPs and CookiesWhy is this important?Because Cookie Monster is going crazy on the internet right now. In fact, he’s probably going crazy on your computer and you don’t even know it.Most people are using anti-spam, anti-malware, anti-virus technology that’s literally eating and deleting cookies all the time.

So, that’s why you can’t use something like Google Website Optimizer.

It’s completely unreliable.

You’re going to lose 20% to 50% of your data because of cookie monster. And that number is increasing.

To me that’s completely unacceptable because: DATA = MONEY.

If I lose half my data — this means it takes twice as long to run my split tests and the accuracy of those tests decreases substantially.

How many breakthroughs am I losing? I don’t even want to think about it.

It’s sickening.

9. The Evolve Feature We’ve got a really cool looking button that says, ‘Evolve’.When you push it (you’ll feel awesome). Because it takes the winning version of your current test, copies it over to a new test so that you can keep trying to beat the control.

You just saved precious time. Go take the rest of the day off, go play a round of golf — you earned it!

10. Royal Rumble Feature I don’t know about you, but I used to watch the WWF when I was a kid. It was fun times. They used to have this mega melee where 30 big dudes would jump in the ring and they’d throw each other out until there was only 1 guy standing.Well, you can do the same thing with your testing now. In other words, you can have four or five versions and then keep tossing the LOSERS out of the ring until you have a proven winner. This speeds up your tests. It’s a really nice little feature.BOOM-CHAKALAKA!

11. Real Item Countdowns

Again, keep your numbers real – – If you’re only going to sell 200 copies of something, why not use a real countdown so when people come back, they actually see the number go down. I’m sure you can come up with all kinds of creative ways to use this and boost your bottom line.The next really cool feature inside Extreme Optimizer is…

12. Track Multiple Actions So, if you’re doing an opt-in page test, should you track sales as well?Absolutely.As you learned earlier, everything needs to be harmonized. So, if you’re boosting your opt-in rate but you’re killing your sales, you’ve got to find that out. Same thing on a sales letter.

And you should absolutely track all your order page hits as well, that way you can know how many people are making it all the way to the order page.

13. Use Multiple Elements

Want to test an idea or offer on a salesletter and simultaneously have a corresponding piece of copy or price on your orderpage? Or maybe you need to split up your page into pieces because of other scripts or plugins that you want to run…The bottom line is that you need the powerful flexibility of using multiple elements. It’s an advanced feature that will come in very handy, I promise.

14. Only 1 Installation Finally, 1 installation across all your domains.I own hundreds of different domains. And I did not want to have to install this software across hundreds of different sites. I wanted one installation so I can handle all my testing.This is an industrial-strength feature that will save you hours.

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